Love is the strong attachment between people

30 Sep

8d158aee317885192df534bd00Love is the strong attachment between people, intimacy, longing, and single-minded and selfless nothing different its emotional heart. In Chinese culture, love is to live each other’s hearts network, with intimacy, passion and commitment of the properties, and long-term nature of this relationship holds the confidence of private life can also be shared with each other. Love is an integral part of human nature, a narrow sense, refers to the love between the couple, including a broad sense the love between friends and the love between family members. Based on the emotion of love, love in different cultures also developed different characteristics.

a75fb6d3441da45d970a16c911“Love”: Chinese explanation is: “love” and “feeling” of the combination; English: “love”. Love is love, love is giving and dedication; love is mutual attraction between the two and admiration. Between lovers, “Love” is pure, pure, goodness and beauty, reflected both in their hearts the most sincere form of admiration for each other and have a desire to partner each other as their strong desire for life. The couple’s “love” more specifically as follows: Enenaiai, and the U.S. United States, mutual loyalty, mutual trust, emotional specificity, each dedication, work together, help each other, sharing weal and woe, to each other, life together. Love is not sex, regardless of class, regardless of race, that is an attachment from the heart, a kind of care that is love; love, at different times have different definitions. Modern is defined as two people based on certain material conditions and common ideals, in their heart on the other side of the formation of the most sincere admiration and desire to each other as their life partner’s strongest, most stable, most single-minded love. Love always want to stay together there will be a feeling of love even when there is a strong left his (her) to survive, he (she) would like to die the death of his feeling. But in ancient matriarchal society, the ancient patriarchal society, love had a different experience, not simply monogamy. Love is the desire of life, love is the youth of the Imagination, is the meaning of love: Let wisdom and hard-working life, aromatic wine, with expectations and hold on to interpret the movement of life, there is tolerance and understanding with sincerity and trust to write a life of faith . Love is like the time to do everything possible with each other.

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