For emotional cognition

06 Oct

cebd0017bfa001414a90a7c0Emotions are an integral part of this attitude, it’s inward feelings and attitudes, intention to have coherence, is the attitude of a more complex and physically stable physiological evaluation and experience. Sense of morality and values​​, including emotional aspects, manifested in love, happiness, hatred, disgust, beauty, and so on. “Dictionary of Psychology”, said: “Emotion is one of objective things meets their needs arising from the attitude to experience.” While an ordinary psychology courses also said: “The emotions and feelings are all human things, the attitude of objective experience, but the mood is more inclined to desire the basic needs of the individual’s attitude toward the experience, and emotional needs of the community desires more inclined to the attitude of experience. ”

1 feel moved. HW charm “Liu Fu”: “sticks and trees and Tan cloth, stems Sen tip to Fen Yang. People feeling the old things, the heart of melancholy to increase into account.” Southern Song Liang Fu “for the Songgong seeking bonus Liu former military form”: “Quinlan’s points, meaning deep emotion, is offering its is pregnant, cloth toward the listening. “8bc3a7017db34e43738da5c12

(2) people affected by external stimuli and psychological reactions, such as joy, anger, sadness, fear, love, hate and so on. Jin Luyun “Land Code book and the book”: “and read all the pro-Seoul analysis, emotional re-tie, lament it.” Tang Bai “Cassia Court” poem: “Life is a feeling, thought and event led thing.” Wei Wei “Oriental” section Chapter six: “But such feelings also admired the majority of heroes.”

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