A sign of emotional maturity

07 Oct

Emotional maturity refers to people in need regardless of personal circumstances are met, can consciously regulate emotions so moderate a state of mind. Do not need to be met as ecstasy, unmet needs such as anger is not humble. Emotional maturity is marked psychological health. Everyone should make to the community of their own on “feeling with restraint”, strive to mature as soon as their emotions. He Luoke (E. Hurlock) that the emotional maturity consists of four aspects: to stay healthy. They can manage their own health, long-term unremitting physical exercise, effectively prevent fatigue, lack of sleep, headaches, indigestion and other diseases caused by emotional instability. When there is disease, a disease-fighting optimistic psychology. To control the environment. Personal behavior must be constrained by the social environment, to overcome the want to do whatever its own way of thinking; personal interests do not violate the collective interests of individual behavior to comply with codes of conduct, can not be exported wounding, swearing talk, touch dancing, assault, petty theft and so on. Able to resolve the tension to harmless areas. Person’s emotional nature is bipolar, bipolar affective not only damage their own health, and strong negative emotions such as anger, temper, which may hurt others. To enhance the regulation of sentiment, resolve and prevent excessive feelings, repressed emotions into that mood with a social sense of responsibility. Insight into the understanding of society. Insight and understanding of social, human intelligence will enable the growing accumulation of social experience. Society is not self-centered, but to everyone as the center for the collective good center. Insight and understanding of society, will be more self-discipline, more tolerant, more integration, more emotionally mature, and collective fate. In sum, emotional maturity is required psychological maturity. It requires every adult about to or have young people leave home by their parents, entirely dependent on their parents way of life, and gradually into the community, relying on independent and self-cultivation, the ups and downs in the large classroom in the community beat themselves, exercise their own, to In the work, study, learn self-management of life, but also learn to manage others (such as the department’s leadership to let you do), organize a family and educate their children, from a single community of qualified consumers to become builders, producers.1cd4147b572dc3b40ad187c3

Edit this paragraph the nature of the philosophy of emotion

Psychology, the emotion is defined as: “people reflect the objective reality of a special form, is one of the objective things, whether the people’s needs arising from the attitude of the experience.” From this definition can learn: emotion is a subjective experience, subjective attitude or subjective reflection, subjective sense of scope, not part of the objective areas. Dialectical materialism that any subjective human consciousness is a reflection of objective reality, emotions are a special kind of subjective consciousness, must correspond to a particular objective, the key issue is whether to find this particular objective. Not difficult to find, “the objective things, whether the people who need” is actually a classic problem of value judgments, “in line with people’s needs” is a thing of value properties, is an objective reality, “attitude” and “experience” things are people’s understanding of the value of property or to reflect the way, so that psychology can be described as the definition of emotion: “Emotion is a human characteristic of things of value arising from the subjective reflection.” Corresponding to the objective existence of emotions is characteristic of things of value8759287a9b90f2ad2e73b3c2

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