Love Can Be Very Blinding To Ones Thoughts And Control Their Actions

16 Apr
LoveLove is a very powerful, happy, depressing, controlling emotion. Love is a bond created by two people who are in a relationship and have allowed their feelings and relationship to reach that point.It plays a role in your life that you would never expect. many people have experienced love at some point in their lives whether it was good or bad. It can change your life completely. You may even end up spending the rest of your life with the person you have fallen in love with. This emotion can grow and go on for years and years creating happiness for the couple leading to marriage and more. But love is not always what it appears to be, it can be used to manipulate and deceive someone.Throughout time there have been many different views on love and how it should be. Sometimes someone can feel a very strong way about how they feel towards their significant other and take that as love when that is not the case. Love can be very blinding to ones thoughts and completely control their actions. This can really hurt someone if what they feel is not really love. Women and Men can both play the role of being deceivers and manipulators; making the other person fall for them completely and just using them to get what they want or need causing a devastating outcome for just one person.

All though some people are just not ready for what love can bring to the table. Some may have had a bad experience with love and are just afraid to love again because they do not want history to repeat itself so they hold onto their past. That alone can keep them from experiencing a feeling like no other. That can also cause a lot of hurt to one person because you want to prove that you will not allow history repeat itself to your Male/Female partner and they won’t allow you to prove that to them because of their insecurities.

One of the most frustrating things women face is falling in love with a man who refuses to commit to her. He says he loves her and enjoys spending time with her but when it comes to making a commitment to her he refuses. Read on to learn one of the ways to overcome your mans fear of commitment.

Women who have discovered the secret to satisfying relationships realize that there really is no secret. There is no hidden treasure trove of wisdom that must be brought forth by a genie in bottle or found washed up on the beach of some deserted island.

The simple truth, one that should be as plain to every women as the nose on her face is that to be loved and respected and treated the way she deserves to be treated she must do this first in her own relationships. Do this one thing and a brand new world full of infinite possibilities will become available to her.

And what is this one thing that she needs to do in order to receive all the love, respect and kindness that she could possibly need and want? Find little ways to show a lot of love to those the mean the most to her and whose love and respect she in turn wants. Whether it be a spouse, lover, child, sibling or parent finding ways to show love and kindness to others is one of the key ingredients in a successful relationship.

Showering others with acts of love and kindness does not require large amounts of money, long time commitments or giving up what we want in life. It is simply a matter of realizing what is important to others and finding ways to meet their needs. Taking the first step to bring some happiness into someone else’s life with no thought for the benefits that we will reap from these simple acts of kindness and love will in most instances return ten fold the kindness and love we show to others.

If your man or the man you are interested in is worthy of you show him the love, respect and kindness he deserves. Take the above advice to heart. Everyone be it man or women yearns for certain emotions that make them feel good. If by being around you men experience and feel these emotions they will naturally want to be with you. This is not rocket science.

There are millions of single men out there. Do you know where to go to find the right man for you? And when you find your perfect match then what? Learn how to go from “hello” to “I do” as fast as womanly possible even if he’s a hard to land man.

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