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Does Romantic Love Is True Love?

Romantic love is a pure and wonderful sensation and some would say that it’s a myth. Ppppfffffff – you may have not experienced it if you’re a believer that romantic love is indeed a myth.

It isn’t a myth but is a real experience and fills you with the dizziness of happiness and provides that empowering feeling of passion and is almost intoxicating at times.

For many people, they truly do go out on the search for that pure intoxicating love and they won’t stop until the have found it and then there are others who kind of know or have a sneaky suspicion that it exists, but they only realize it’s presence when they are truly in its company. It reveals itself in an extraordinary way and some may even think that this lends itself to the “love at first sight” phenomenon.

Love at first sight I think does happen for many of us but can it really be called love. Many think it’s the lust element. The Phwa factor as I used to refer to it in my younger days. I think love at first sight could indeed form part of a myth because how can we know everything we need to know about someone in an instant?! Many say that if you fall in love in the very instant, that fate has played it’s hand and you may well have found the one. Hmmmmmmm – I’m not entirely sure I’m afraid.

We do gather information about that person in an instance – such as height, attractiveness, age manners, appearance, conduct………..and these all form elements to a bigger, greater picture. It’s kind of like when you go on a first date, you know more or less immediately if you want the coffee date to become a dinner date and so on and so forth.

The love at first sight also lends itself to the theory that we think and believe that we have a type that we would go for and perhaps that person is ticking all the boxes. We use all of our sub~modalities to compose the idea of type and these can of course range from a variety of aspects. How we define these too will have something to do with how we are raised, our peers, the media and so much more. In turn, it may well be that your “type” could be negative to you when we haven’t truly analysed the ingredients that is involved.

There are also many people who can resonate with the fact that in one or more times, their “type” hasn’t worked out for them and they then begin to look for alternatives but the problem that often arises here, is that we are consciously aware that this person is not their type and they look to backfill, which for some people it can seem as though they are taking their eyes off the prize as it were.

The instant sexual attraction that people experience has a huge impact upon recognizing whether someone is for us and is an essential component in a loving relationship. Lust as we know can often masquerade itself as love but as we get older we are able to recognize the difference. For others, the sexual element is secondary or perhaps less obvious and doesn’t make its presence felt immediately ~ and this isn’t a bad thing. If you are someone whom can resonate with this, you will be the kind of person that recognizes the spiritual, mental, emotional and aesthetic qualities of someone and it’s these elements that enhance and develop the sexual chemistry for you.

If you are great romantic believer, then the idea of love at first sight is strong for you and you are also more likely to fall in love at first ~ but is is true love?!

When we meet someone, our inner subconscious detective gets to work. Within the first 10 minutes or so of talking with someone you are already forming an opinion and gathering a mass of information. True love is based on real knowledge of the other person and all the redeeming qualities they posses. If you are a firm believer in love at first sight and feel that this is the only way to fall in love, I think it’s fair to say that you will be on the look out for “real love” for a very long time.

Yes, some of the loving encounters you experience as first sight may well endure and then again, maybe not. For it to endure though, it has to develop in to a different kind of love and allow the foundation that has been created to truly grow and develop. You have to be able to communicate effectively with one another and share those feelings and perhaps reservations as they begin to unfold.

This kind of love can endure and grow if given the right opportunity. Whether the love lasts or not, does to a degree depend upon the image you have created in your mind at the beginning of the encounter ~ but remember that we create fantasies and ideals and we also need to work with reality. Most of all, if you can recognize that the intense in love feelings will eventually subside and weaken a little and not be surprised when this happens and feel you have lost something, then you are on a good footing. Hopefully within that time, you have created a foundation that will truly form something quite extraordinary. Romantic Love – Myth or Not – it doesn’t really matter.

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Definition of Love

imagesLove is a feeling from the bottom of the heart. Usually more common in people, people and animals. Today can not be completely explained by any scientific or animals “love” reasons. The word love has a lot of meaning in the dictionary, something given by the people to meet (such as “I love these things”) to love something and are willing to die (such as patriotism, the dual combination). It can be used to describe the love of strong emotion, mood or emotional state. In daily life, its usually refers to interpersonal love. Probably because it is the first emotion, so love is the theme of art in general. Love sometimes been described as obsessive-compulsive disorder

The best definition of love is really treat a living body or object (can be people, objects, animals), so the overall feel happy, but being loved is not necessarily happy.

Love is selfless dedication and to give, including the physical, emotional, and other forms of action. Have friends who have love, friends who love wide. No love do not care about other features mean all just selfish, this brother, father and son who loved each other pedestrians and even enemies. This person is an obstacle to social development. Love is born, so that is the nature of nature, in other words, love is the essence of a person must have one. While the nations of the world cultural differences between the love of making a universal definition of hard road out, but not impossible to set up (Sha Piya – Wo Erfu assumptions). Love can include the soul or spiritual love, the love of law and organization, for their love of food, love, money, love, love of learning, love of power, love of reputation, of others Love countless. Its acceptance of different people have different love emphasis. Love of nature as an abstract concept, difficult words can experience it.

Love and love (love) is different. Like with “want to have, want.” For example: I like the Mercedes-Benz cars (I want Mercedes-Benz cars); I like this girl (I want this girl together); I like to eat apples (I want to eat apples), and so on.

Like, represent the personal feelings of the heart. When people see or things like when their own feel happy.

When love reaches a certain intensity, people will pay the price of material, time, emotion, and even join together, then you rise to love.images

Love, on behalf of the willing to pay for each other unconditionally, without asking for anything. As the mother of the child to pay the same.

Love is like a person willing to pay. If you do not want to pay, only the pursuit of happiness together, it is only love.

Jun internationally renowned charitable organizations, the Friends said: Love’s performance must be from near and far, the good of Action must be from small and large, love and good must be from the inside out, by themselves and others to keep themselves as the center to expand, from themselves, their families, relatives and friends, community, and slowly extended to the community, spread to every corner of the planet.

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