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Their Love story-Guy & Tammy

Guy and Tammy had several encounters before the actual first date. And here is their story…

We first met in Michigan at a Withrow basketball game back in 1996.

The second time was a few months later at a friend’s wedding where he was dj’ing.

The third time we came across each other was at a club in Clifton and that’s when we finally exchanged numbers. Now my interest sparked in him due to us both having kids who were mentally disabled and his son had once stayed in a place where I had recently placed my son so I wanted to get his insight on the place.

Although we exchanged numbers from March to September we spoke on occasions, but we finally had our first date at the end of September at the haunted house in Middletown. By Thanksgiving we made it official that we were a couple. We dated for a year and a month then we separated.

We got back together in October 2010; God works in mysterious ways. Although I felt like he wasn’t the one it was just me who needed time to work on me and accept and appreciate a good man. He has always been supportive, loving and caring to me and my two boys even when we weren’t together. After the passing of my son I believe our love grew more and more. And on April 29, 2011 we found out we were having our first child together.

On July 10th he proposed to me!! It was truly beautiful something I never expected would happen to me, although he said he wanted to marry me I just didn’t think it would ever happen. It was perfect!! The restaurant was beautiful (The Celestial in Mt Adams). Although I didn’t cry and it was more of laughter coming out of me, I was crying inside I wouldn’t have had him do it any other way! It was his way, it was original and he truly fooled me!! No one has ever surprises me like that and I believe at that moment I fell in love with him all over again!!

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