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5 simple ways to show your wife how much you love her


For the most part, men and women have different views when it comes to how to show affection and love. Many men are not the romantics. They may only show their love and affection in the privacy of the bedroom. But a touch of romance beyond the bedroom never hurts in a marriage.

I knew from day one my husband was not the romantic type. He views romance in a different light. But he has come a long way. Throughout the years, he learned how to romance me. He shows me how much he loves me through minor details – baking my favorite muffins on a Sunday morning, buying me random gifts, sending an email explaining how much he appreciates me, or putting fresh flowers from our garden with a sweet note in our bedroom. Though they are minor details, it means more to me than anything lavish.

What your wife considers romantic may not necessarily be romantic to you. And that is OK. However, try to bring forward a tiny piece of romance into your marriage as often as possible. If your wife is romantic towards you, study what she does and says. You will slowly realize how easy it is to show your wife love.

Gentlemen, here are a few simple ways to let the love of your life know how much you love her.
A gift

If your wife points out to something she likes, but, unfortunately, cannot afford at the time, take a mental picture of the item. On a day you are alone, buy it for her. This will show your wife you were listening to her and that you care. Another idea to consider is writing a sentimental note and placing it in her purse.
Be supportive

If you see your wife in distress, without telling her, start working on her to-do list. Help the children with their homework and school projects or do the food shopping on a day she’s working late. Your wife may develop stress from work. Take out time to talk to her about why her job is stressing her. Sometimes talking things out relaxes a person.

Walk down memory lane.Talk about a memorable moment you both shared. Maybe the memory was something that happened at your wedding, at a friend’s party or a simple walk in the park. The memories will bring back magical feelings.

When your wife needs someone to talk to, turn off the television, the computer and put your cell phone aside. A slight sign of distraction will send off the wrong signal to her. She will think you do not care. Giving your wife undivided attention only shows her you are interested in what she has to say.


If you find yourself troubled or confused over something, ask your wife for advice. Let her know her opinion matters.

If you have love in your heart, don’t hold back on showing your wife. Showing her will brighten up her days and bring more sparks into the marriage. Let your heart do the work.

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Love and Marriage?

I received a recent email from a follower of American Bedu who wishes to have some questions answered. The individual brought up some good points, especially when you apply logic with the rules and regulations of Saudi Arabia. Dating and public mixing of the sexes is prohibited in Saudi Arabia. Many marriages are arranged. Therefore, the reader wished to know with such regulations and traditions in place are there “love marriages” in Saudi Arabia or are they isolated to the upper class and Royals? Additionally, with such strict laws in Saudi Arabia, then how does a man flirt with another woman or marry another woman?

These are powerful questions and sensitive questions. Yes; dating and public mixing of the sexes is prohibited. However, that does not prevent young Saudis from contact with one another. The young Saudi men (and women too) can be creative when it comes to having contact with one another. I am not necessarily referring to meeting for a tete-a-tete but rather the increase use of social networking. Some young men may continue to use their Bluetooth on their mobile phone to exchange phone numbers and messages with young women. Some young men may also toss a paper to a woman with their mobile phone number. However more and more are going to social networking sites like Facebook or arabfriendz where they can “virtually meet” and get to know one another.

Contact between unrelated Saudi men and women remains frowned upon. As a result, there are many within Saudi Arabia who view the use of social networking as haram (forbidden). Naturally there are risks to the use of social network sites too. A Saudi woman must always consider her reputation, honor and that of her family. The Saudi men should take the same factors into consideration but in reality he is allowed much more leeway than a Saudi woman when it comes to interactions with unrelated females. I am not going to go further into interactions or consequences of the use of social networking sites other than to reiterate it is a venue where some unrelated Saudis have made initial contact which eventually led to a traditional meeting of families and marriage.

Traditional arranged marriages take place between families which know one another and believe their children would be compatible for one another. Or is some cases, the marriage is viewed as a connection between tribes which has been a tradition even prior to the Kingdom being known as Saudi Arabia but simply as Arabia. Marriages between cousins remain commonplace in Saudi Arabia.

It should also be pointed out that “love marriages” are not isolated to the case of upper class or Royals. In fact, Royals will marry within the family, usually to a first, second or third cousin…at least for the first marriage.

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