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Send Romantic Love Letters For Specific Times

Romantic Love LettersWords are powerful, especially in a romantic love letters. Somehow when we express our emotions in a letter form, it adds an authentic permanence to them. It shows we say what we mean and we mean what we are saying. Letters of love acknowledge that we are not afraid to commit in writing a display of depth and sincerity that is tangible and lasting. It is for these reasons, that those who take heed, get some pretty fantastic results in return from the receiver of our passionately, written words.

Effectively striking is emotional language when embodied in romantic letters of love. Amazingly, feelings conveyed in a letter invigorates the core meaning of the chosen words. This reveals we stand behind the declaration we are making, and strong enough to do it in writing. This is why they are so unique (more now than ever).

Romantic love letters can never be boring or out of date. Living in the age of technology, the art of personal, hand-written letter writing stands out in a world where few take time go beyond text, im’s and emails. Love letters allow us to take the necessary space to gather our feelings and express them in writing.

Romantic love letters are timeless. They are a powerful means of emotional expression that will always exist, although the “old-fashioned” handwritten ones seem to be going the way of the dinosaur. Existing in the age of artificial communication, romantic letters are tangible, classic and magnetizing, due to the fact they are not very common.

With mass technological detachment and emotional insecurity running rampant when it comes to demonstrating pure love and devotion, distinguishing yourself as uniquely “human” to affirm your feelings in handwritten words – well, that is deserving of remembrance and worth exalting. If you think these treasured pieces should only be reserved for rare special occasions, then you are mistaken.Romantic Love Letters

5 Specific Times To Send Romantic Love Letters

1. When It Is Important To Express How You Feel

Writing a romantic love letter is about telling what you feel, completely sharing your emotions, asking for what you want and laying it out in written words. It’s not about paragraphs, prose or poetry. It is about having the courage to reveal yourself in such a way that it will profoundly affect and pierce through your partner as they read your palpable words.

2. Military Relationships

For generations, many in the military have written and sent romantic love letters to spouses (intimate companions) while in war or battle. Many of these warriors have in turn received letters of love and the result increased their courage, hope, strength and overall morale. Napoleon, being famous for many things, was also noted for the passionate love letters he wrote to Josephine while at war.

3. Valentine’s Day

Make Valentine’s Day extra special by sending a love note or sexy letter. For an added touch include lyrics to a favorite love song. The key is to make your love letter personal and unique to the person who will be receiving it. Letters sent digitally are great, but those that are traditionally written are even more touching and romantic.

4. Any time, Any day

However, written romantic communication should not be limited to just Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. These letters can be presented any time, any day for any season. From beginning infatuation to apologizing for wrongs committed, from winning back an ex to reaffirming a relationship already on solid ground, relationships go through various incarnations.

During especially difficult times, a genuine, heartfelt letter can calm tumultuous waters, putting both parties on calmer ground to re-evaluate matters. Frequently, sending a sexy or romantic letter to our partner is also a wonderful way to keep passion alive, articulate what we want & desire, or “just because”.

5. Stand Out

There will never be a day where romantic love letters will ever go out of style. Even now their “connective consequences” stand out in this technological era. In the age of what may be common and familiar, confessing our romantic hopes and dreams on paper makes us venerable and real – something worthy of exemplifying.



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