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The Vampire Diaries love

I wasn’t exactly thrilled by Mason’s return to Mystic Falls in ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ — especially because I knew he was back to seek revenge on Damon — but OMG I love Lexi. Seriously, she’s probably one of my favorite characters in ‘TVD’ history, even though she’s only really been in a handful of episodes. And after seeing the way she smashed Stefan’s head into the window of a car, how could you not love her?!

All of the girls in Mystic Falls have some serious problems. Their boyfriends are either dead, undead, in love with dead girls or are crazy rippers. So it’s nice to have a strong, badass female character in the mix — because the status of Katherine’s life is still TBD at the moment.tvd-ep.-7

But Lexi, Mason and Anna aren’t the only ghosts to return from the other side. Grams is back too! Unfortunately, she brings some bad news. It turns out that when Bonnie saved Jeremy and brought him back to life, she opened a small portal to the other side, and then after sending Vicki back to the ghost world, that witches on the other side kicked that supernatural portal wide open. Now, ghosts who have some unfinished business can cross over into the real world, including the tomb vamps, who start to go after the founding families.

It looks like the only way to send the ghosts back to the other side is to destroy Elena’s necklace. That means bye-bye Anna, Damon and my girl Lexi, but before Bonnie can send the ghosts back, Elena needs Lexi’s help to help her get through to Stefan. After all, if anyone can knock some sense — and humanity — into Stefan, it’s his best friend Lexi.

And she certainly put in a gallant effort. Lexi did everything she could to help Stefan find some of his humanity again. She tried starving him of blood, staking him (several times) and even reminded him how special the necklace he gave to Elena was to him. You know, the one Bonnie needs to destroy. But nothing she did could bring the old Stefan back. Although, I can’t lie, I love ripper Stefan. He’s about 100 times more interesting than the old Stefan, and it’s pretty obvious that Paul Wesley is having fun with him too.

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This is love or nervous?

No one would say that they set out to get into a relationship with an insecure man. However, that’s exactly what many women do. In fact, an insecure man can be especially tempting to you, particularly if your last relationship was with a narcissistic man who was all about himself and not so interested in you, or a predatory man who was happy to let you support him. Viewed through the eyes of a woman who has been burned in a one of these relationships, an insecure man may seem sensitive and interested in you. In one way that it true: he is interested in the love you have to offer. But the insecure man can also be a bottomless pit that might just drain you of every drop of love you possess.

Why Insecurity Can Be Appealing

When she first met Adam, Grace thought that he was just shy and quiet. She had no idea that what she was seeing was severe insecurity. Adam was one type of insecure man — the underachiever. Though he had graduated from college and was employed as an engineer, Adam had never advanced very far. At work he always got evaluations that boiled down to “satisfactory” — in other words, far short of what was needed to get ahead.

Grace decided to commit to this relationship, after dating Adam for six months, in large part because he pursued her, and also because he came across as wanting the relationship very much. And unlike her previous two boyfriends, Adam at least had a steady job and was faithful to her. So when the lease on the condo that she was renting was up, Grace put her furniture in storage and moved in with Adam.

Six months later, things were far from rosy. It started with Adam finding fault with Grace: from the way she cooked and dressed to the way she spoke and the opinions she expressed. At first, Adam’s criticism was fairly mild (though still annoying). As time went on, however, Adam became very sarcastic, saying things like, “Don’t you think you’ve outgrown halter tops?” Then, at times, Adam could get explosively angry, shouting, throwing things, and calling Grace crude, demeaning names. To make matters worse, the more Grace tried to live up to Adam’s standards in order to avoid making him angry, the less it seemed to take to get him to the point where he would explode.

Grace had unwittingly let herself become hopelessly entangled in Adam’s insecurity and the distorted perceptions it created. It wasn’t as if she’d set out to bring out the worst in this insecure man. On the contrary, her sole motivation had been to try to keep the peace. But as with jealousy, once insecurity rears its head, the worst thing a person can do is to feed it. That’s what Grace had unintentionally done.

The Insecure Man

Here are some of the key signs of insecurity. All of them were evident in Adam’s personality. Grace saw them but initially she chose to minimize how important they were, and what they could mean for her relationship with Adam.

Needing Constant Reassurance and Approval: Grace quickly saw that Adam was someone who was easily deflated. He was quick to make self-deprecating remarks like, “That was pretty stupid,” or even, “What a loser!” Grace started responding to such comments by pointing out to Adam that he had a college degree and a good job, or just saying that it wasn’t true.

Smothering: Once Grace got hooked into a relationship with Adam, he quickly became more or less glued to her at the hip. He wanted them to be together all the time. He didn’t even like it when she was in a different room in the apartment they shared, and would come and sit beside her.

Jealous and Possessive: Grace was hardly a social butterfly; however, she did have friends and was close with her family. It wasn’t long before Adam began — in little ways at first — to question Grace when she wanted to spend time with friends or family. In time, this became a major sore point between them, to the degree that, when Grace was out with a friend or paying a visit to her sister, Adam would call her on her cell phone three or four times. And if friends or family would call when Grace was not at home, Adam would often “forget” to give her the message.

Distrustful: As an insecure man, Adam was not only jealous of Grace’s other relationships but also distrustful of others in general. He was forever suspicious of others’ motives, believing that people wanted to take advantage of him. As a result, he was very critical of others, quick to find fault and point out their flaws. Grace found this especially annoying when Adam criticized her family or friends or questioned their motives, when she knew very well that these people loved and cared about her.

s-INSECURE-BOYFRIEND-large You might ask, “Why would anyone want to do that?!” Well, one reason is that insecurity is not an all-or-none thing. Some men, like Adam, are so severely insecure that it might be impossible to have a viable relationship with them. On the other hand, many men are somewhat insecure, but not as insecure as Adam. In that case, the thing to avoid doing is making that insecurity worse. Here are a couple of tips for doing that:

Don’t accept responsibility for his insecurity. Grace did what many women in her situation do: she tried to quell Adam’s insecurity by continually reassuring him, and also by changing her lifestyle to accommodate his insecurity. In doing so she was unconsciously taking responsibility for Adam’s insecurity. If a man you are dating fits the above description to any significant degree, the place to begin is to recognize that it is his insecurity. It was there before you met him, and only he can heal it.

Don’t alter your lifestyle. The insecure man tends to be smothering, critical, and jealous. The more you alter your lifestyle in response to his insecurity, the worse (not better) his insecurity is likely to become. So, do not change the way you dress. Do not give up friends, family or activities such as yoga or exercise.

The good news is that insecurity can be overcome. However, it can only be overcome when a person recognizes that they are insecure and takes responsibility for doing something about it.

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170px-DickseeRomeoandJulietLove is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment

170px-DickseeRomeoandJulietLove is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment.In philosophical context, love is a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion, and affection. Love is central to many religions, as in the Christian phrase, “God is love” or Agape in the Canonical gospels. Love may also be described as actions towards others (or oneself) based on compassion, or as actions towards others based on affection.

In English, love refers to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes, ranging from pleasure (“I loved that meal”) to interpersonal attraction (“I love my partner”). “Love” may refer specifically to the passionate desire and intimacy of romantic love, to the sexual love of eros, to the emotional closeness of familial love, or the platonic love that defines friendship, to the profound oneness or devotion of religious love. This diversity of uses and meanings, combined with the complexity of the feelings involved, makes love unusually difficult to consistently define, even compared to other emotional states.

Love in its various forms acts as a major facilitator of interpersonal relationships and, owing to its central psychological importance, is one of the most common themes in the creative arts.

Love may be understood a part of the survival instinct, a function keep human beings together against menaces and to facilitate the continuation of the species

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A sign of emotional maturity

Emotional maturity refers to people in need regardless of personal circumstances are met, can consciously regulate emotions so moderate a state of mind. Do not need to be met as ecstasy, unmet needs such as anger is not humble. Emotional maturity is marked psychological health. Everyone should make to the community of their own on “feeling with restraint”, strive to mature as soon as their emotions. He Luoke (E. Hurlock) that the emotional maturity consists of four aspects: to stay healthy. They can manage their own health, long-term unremitting physical exercise, effectively prevent fatigue, lack of sleep, headaches, indigestion and other diseases caused by emotional instability. When there is disease, a disease-fighting optimistic psychology. To control the environment. Personal behavior must be constrained by the social environment, to overcome the want to do whatever its own way of thinking; personal interests do not violate the collective interests of individual behavior to comply with codes of conduct, can not be exported wounding, swearing talk, touch dancing, assault, petty theft and so on. Able to resolve the tension to harmless areas. Person’s emotional nature is bipolar, bipolar affective not only damage their own health, and strong negative emotions such as anger, temper, which may hurt others. To enhance the regulation of sentiment, resolve and prevent excessive feelings, repressed emotions into that mood with a social sense of responsibility. Insight into the understanding of society. Insight and understanding of social, human intelligence will enable the growing accumulation of social experience. Society is not self-centered, but to everyone as the center for the collective good center. Insight and understanding of society, will be more self-discipline, more tolerant, more integration, more emotionally mature, and collective fate. In sum, emotional maturity is required psychological maturity. It requires every adult about to or have young people leave home by their parents, entirely dependent on their parents way of life, and gradually into the community, relying on independent and self-cultivation, the ups and downs in the large classroom in the community beat themselves, exercise their own, to In the work, study, learn self-management of life, but also learn to manage others (such as the department’s leadership to let you do), organize a family and educate their children, from a single community of qualified consumers to become builders, producers.1cd4147b572dc3b40ad187c3

Edit this paragraph the nature of the philosophy of emotion

Psychology, the emotion is defined as: “people reflect the objective reality of a special form, is one of the objective things, whether the people’s needs arising from the attitude of the experience.” From this definition can learn: emotion is a subjective experience, subjective attitude or subjective reflection, subjective sense of scope, not part of the objective areas. Dialectical materialism that any subjective human consciousness is a reflection of objective reality, emotions are a special kind of subjective consciousness, must correspond to a particular objective, the key issue is whether to find this particular objective. Not difficult to find, “the objective things, whether the people who need” is actually a classic problem of value judgments, “in line with people’s needs” is a thing of value properties, is an objective reality, “attitude” and “experience” things are people’s understanding of the value of property or to reflect the way, so that psychology can be described as the definition of emotion: “Emotion is a human characteristic of things of value arising from the subjective reflection.” Corresponding to the objective existence of emotions is characteristic of things of value8759287a9b90f2ad2e73b3c2

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Love is the strong attachment between people

8d158aee317885192df534bd00Love is the strong attachment between people, intimacy, longing, and single-minded and selfless nothing different its emotional heart. In Chinese culture, love is to live each other’s hearts network, with intimacy, passion and commitment of the properties, and long-term nature of this relationship holds the confidence of private life can also be shared with each other. Love is an integral part of human nature, a narrow sense, refers to the love between the couple, including a broad sense the love between friends and the love between family members. Based on the emotion of love, love in different cultures also developed different characteristics.

a75fb6d3441da45d970a16c911“Love”: Chinese explanation is: “love” and “feeling” of the combination; English: “love”. Love is love, love is giving and dedication; love is mutual attraction between the two and admiration. Between lovers, “Love” is pure, pure, goodness and beauty, reflected both in their hearts the most sincere form of admiration for each other and have a desire to partner each other as their strong desire for life. The couple’s “love” more specifically as follows: Enenaiai, and the U.S. United States, mutual loyalty, mutual trust, emotional specificity, each dedication, work together, help each other, sharing weal and woe, to each other, life together. Love is not sex, regardless of class, regardless of race, that is an attachment from the heart, a kind of care that is love; love, at different times have different definitions. Modern is defined as two people based on certain material conditions and common ideals, in their heart on the other side of the formation of the most sincere admiration and desire to each other as their life partner’s strongest, most stable, most single-minded love. Love always want to stay together there will be a feeling of love even when there is a strong left his (her) to survive, he (she) would like to die the death of his feeling. But in ancient matriarchal society, the ancient patriarchal society, love had a different experience, not simply monogamy. Love is the desire of life, love is the youth of the Imagination, is the meaning of love: Let wisdom and hard-working life, aromatic wine, with expectations and hold on to interpret the movement of life, there is tolerance and understanding with sincerity and trust to write a life of faith . Love is like the time to do everything possible with each other.

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